About Demtec

Efficient and effective service that meets your needs

Every business generates waste. Our goal is primarily to deliver an efficient and effective service that meets your needs. We help you manage your waste better and at the same time help the environment by turning it into a resource.

Our extensive portfolio of cost effective services, plus assistance from our international partners delivers environmental peace of mind for our customers and contributes to your sustainability performance.

The first stage in any recycling project is to identify the most environmentally friendly, cost effective process to obtain an end result of a product that can be reused many times.

Demtec through its research and experience will provide the best equipment and personnel to meet that requirement.

Why Demtec?

Keeping up with legislation

We offer our customers practical advice and guidance on legislation through a combination of updates and literature.

National coverage

Our proposed depots are strategically located to guarantee fast response times to all the major industrial areas.

In-house QHSE

Our in-house QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) team ensure that our customers safety is at the heart of everything we do.

Strong and wide experience

Our recycling and waste management services are efficient, cost effective and backed by years of technical and environmental experience.

Our Process

Step by step


Determine the method and equipment required to recycle the waste.


Determine if the environmental impact is lower recycling than sending to landfill.


Determine if the cost of recycling can be made less than sending to landfill.


Can transport costs be reduced by recycling onsite or close to waste location.


Prior to recycling identify and agree terms with the end users of recycled material.


Advantages of recycling

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Recycling any waste into a useable material is the goal and responsibility of all companies sustainability plans and of people worldwide.

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Close to site or onsite recycling reduces transport environment impacts and reduces risk of heavy vehicle, long distance transport.

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Turning waste concrete and construction debris into usable aggregate or new uses can be more cost effective than dumping to landfill.

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Often natural alternatives to recycled general use aggregate have environmental impacts in there production and often transported over long distances.


Types of equipment Demtec uses and is available within 35 days

Excavator rotary crushers

Ideal for mobile applications


Excavator hydraulic jaws

Ideal for large slabs


Fixed base crushers

Conveyor Fed fixed Crushers


Waste water evaporators

Intelligent waste water disposal


Waste food composters

Turn waste food into organic fertiliser


What we achieve


The most useable product from recycled construction waste. By project permitted for use as general sub structure


Caged rock

Used for trenching operations for wall support and flood damage prevention


Decorative items

Mixed with new cement and reshaped with recycled material new items can be created


Waste water disposal

Demtec Solutions LLP in association with E3 Evaporation USA present an environmentally sustainable solution to waste water disposal.

Wastewater managers are always in search of ways to reduce their production water volumes and costs. Meeting current and anticipated regulatory standards can be expensive. Demtec E3 Solutions has developed one of the least expensive and most efficient regulatory compliant approaches to wastewater cleaning and disposal.

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